The end of the year holds the busiest holidays for Americans to travel to celebrate with friends and family in person. However, the pandemic will make this year look different from holiday travel in previous years.AAA at least 10% fewer americans will travel this thanksgiving

A survey from AAA indicates that Americans are optimistic about traveling this holiday season. Sixty-seven percent of adults plan to travel this year. However, as health officials continue to advise that staying home is the safest prevention against getting sick, travel is expected to drop by 10%. This drop will most heavily affect air travel, which is expected to drop by more than half. Other public modes of transportation, such as buses and trains, will most likely see a major decrease in travel bookings as well.

Traffic volume on the road this season will be less, but with more travelers opting to drive to their destinations, drivers should be prepared for heavy traffic. Plan ahead for your trip by finding alternate routes in case of traffic jams. This year planning ahead also includes safety precautions for COVID-19. 

covid travel reminders thanksgiving 2020 AAABe aware of the coronavirus cases in your destination, and always wear a mask and keep a distance of six feet between you and others. The CDC has released information on how to celebrate safely with friends and family this year.

Most Americans will be traveling to their holiday destinations by car, meaning you may see some more drivers on the road than normal. If you have a history of traffic citations, the Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course can help you eliminate many of those consequences so that you may start your holiday travels with a “Safe Driver” status. Experienced drivers over the age of 55 can refresh their skills and get car insurance discounts when they complete our Coaching the Mature Driver course.

Stay safe and prepared for the dangers found on the road, sign up for a driver improvement course or class for mature drivers.


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