Did you know motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death and disability for children, responsible for 1400 deaths and nearly 300,000 severe injuries each year. Without a doubt, child safety seats are the answer. They are 71% effective in reducing injury and death, but only when used correctly. Sadly, 9 out of 10 seats are installed incorrectly and still about 40% of children are riding in vehicles unrestrained.

The Childsaver Car Seat Program at the Safety Council of Palm Beach County, Inc. has worked very hard through the years to reverse this sad, but true epidemic. The way we help families in Palm Beach County is to educate and offer child safety seats (when available), at a reduced price for those in need.

Remember, always buckle children in the back seat, especially if you have a passenger side airbag. Never put a rear facing child safety seat in front of an airbag, unless you have a turn off switch and the switch is in the “off” position. Read your owner’s manual and follow the weight and height restrictions. Make sure your child and child safety seat meets the American Academy of Pediatrics guideline of rear-facing up to 1 year and 20 pounds. If your child’s safety seat does not move an inch to the left or right when pulling on the base, and if all other directions were followed correctly, you might have a proper installation. For further information check with your owner’s manual in your vehicle, or call the Safety Council of Palm Beach County, Inc.

Car Seats are available for families in need on Friday’s by appointment only. Call 561-845-8233 to schedule an appointment with  our child passenger safety technicians. For additional locations please click here.

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