If you are enrolled in school and would like to obtain your driver’s license or learner’s permit, winter break is the perfect time to complete your driving courses. If you have not yet taken your driver’s education courses, or the drug and alcohol courses required to obtain your learner’s permit, you can consider taking classes with us this winter.

Our courses are very hands-on and designed to teach you everything you need to know in order to be safe on the road. These courses cover maneuverability techniques, instructions regarding driving under certain weather conditions, and much more. By taking these courses, you will be ready to get behind the wheel with confidence and the knowledge you need to be safe.

You can also enroll in our drug and alcohol courses that are required in order to obtain your learner’s permit. These courses outline the consequences of driving under the influence and highlight the importance of driving while sober. You can enroll in this course, and our driver’s education courses, here

If you aren’t ready to register for our courses, you can still brush up on your knowledge of Florida’s roads and traffic laws by downloading The Florida Driver’s Handbook, here.

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