woman sitting at table looking at video call on laptopEach person learns differently, and the many available resources online make it easier than ever to find the course that suits you and your learning style. At the Safety Council of Palm Beach County, we are proud to offer a variety of class styles for our courses.

Online, Unassisted

Drivers can improve their skills with our unassisted online classes. In these self-led courses, students can make their way through the reading material at their own pace. Some classes may have time limits for each chapter to ensure you are still working. After reading all the material and watching the video sessions, you’ll be given a final test. If the resulting score is not a passing grade, students can immediately take the class again until passing.

Virtual Training

If you have a difficult time getting out of the house or finding the time to appear in person, virtual classes are beneficial. Courses are live via Zoom, and provide students with the opportunity to see and hear explanations and information from the teacher in real-time. 


Courses like our 4-Hour Basic Driver Improvement Class or Forklift Certification Training are offered live in an informal setting, allowing for interactive discussions and encouraging questions. There is less pressure when an individual takes the class in person and is easier to get into than an online class. Right now, our classes are limiting capacity sizes in order to maintain physical distancing. 

Explore our online courses for driver improvement, and view our course calendar for virtual and in-person training.

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