COSS gives you one designation in one week!

COSS – Certified Occupational Safety Specialist at the Safety Council of PBC, Inc.

What is a COSS?  A person in the safety and health field that coordinates the successful implementation of corporate safety and health plans, coordinates and maybe even conducts safety and health training, and provides support to safety and training managers. You can visit the COSS website by clicking here

Why become a COSS?

In today’s fast paced and diverse workplace, the need for qualified people in the field that are trained in the basic essentials of safety and health, leadership, communication, and regulatory requirements is great. The COSS program is a solution to the increasing need for qualified safety professionals.

Who should attend:

  • Newly appointed safety professionals
  • Safety professionals who wish to learn how CFR’s 1910 and 1926 relate
  • First line supervisors who oversee multi-employer worksites

Course Schedule and Pricing:

We offer this class several times a year at the Safety Council but can also schedule a class at your place of business, specifically for your employees.

   Class dates  are available by calling 561-845-8233

Register here.

Cost: Members $1,799.00 Non-Members $2,299.00.


  • The COSS course consists of 40 hours packed with learning.
  • Case studies are used extensively to bring learning objectives into focus.
  • Speakers are brought in from OSHA and other government agencies to enhance the learning experience.
  • There are two hours of testing and certification at the end of the program.

Contact the Safety Council at 561-845-8233 for the next available dates.


“Taking the COSS class was a very rewarding educational experience. The exchange of testimonials and knowledge was an experience I will never forget.”

Ruthie Harrison, Tropicana Products, Inc.

“The COSS training program is extreme added value for the safety professional. The program delivers all that it claims and a little bit more; all of that in a comfortable and effective training style.”

W.V. Jacob, FPL

“The COSS class was extremely informative and educational on all levels! Most importantly it was delivered in a way that was interesting, creative, and just plain fun. The instructor did an excellent job by proving that safety is not only important, but interesting.”

Jim Leonard, Carpenter Contractors of America

“I took the Certified Occupational Safety Specialist course in July 2002. The course was very informative and helpful. I took with me knowledge that will enhance my safety career. I am an OSHA Safety Consultant Trainee at the Louisiana Department of Labor-Workplace Safety Section. I recommend anyone who is working in the safety field take this course…[it’s] worth it’s weight in gold.”

Belinda Poche, Louisiana Department of Labor

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