Senior Citizens DrivingEvery year it seems as if things just get more expensive – groceries, movie tickets, gas prices, and now even your car insurance. The Safety Council of Palm Beach County knows the rising cost of living can hurt, but we’re here to help. If you’re a mature driver in the state of Florida, then check out our top three tips to save money on your car insurance.

Take Your Time & Shop Around

So we know this one may seem like a given, but it can be difficult to look into every car insurance company and every plan they offer. You deserve a simple tool to find the best car insurance for you at an affordable price. Fortunately, the internet has improved access of information so much that now you can compare insurance prices online, sometimes all from one website. By inputting your information you can find the best car insurance quote for you in less than 15 minutes. Discover if you’re currently paying the best price with a car insurance comparison tool.

Talk To Your Current Insurance Company

If your driving time has decreased since retirement, you should let your insurer know. Most senior drivers will receive a discount after retirement because you do not have a commute to work every day. If you know you’re a great driver, consider a usage-based insurance policy. Some insurance companies provide technology that you can place in your vehicle to track your driving. The insurance company will then decrease your premiums when it sees valuable driving skills being used, like low mileage and speed.

Receive A Mandated Insurance Discount

The state of Florida mandates an insurance discount for licensed drivers over 55 who complete a state approved driver improvement course. The Safety Council of Palm Beach County offers Coaching the Mature Driver, a discount-qualifying course that reviews basic driving techniques, as well as introduces new techniques to help offset the effects of having a crash while driving. Younger generations are coming of age and Florida has its own set of traffic problems. Coaching the Mature Driver combines lecture with videos and open discussion in a lively and informative six hour course.

We encourage you to share your experiences with fellow experienced drivers. We offer this course several times each month throughout Palm Beach County – morning, afternoons, and evenings. We can bring the program to your facility if there are twenty or more in your group.

Save money beyond your insurance and beat the heat – spend the day with fellow mature drivers and experience Safety Council of Palm Beach County’s air conditioning to save energy and money at your home. We can bring the program to your facility. Call us for details at (561) 845-8233.

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