Becoming a member of the Safety Council of Palm Beach County, Inc. provides you with a wealth of resources.

Why Should Safety be Your Company’s Business?

Become a Member

Membership with the Safety Council is a key way to increase profits and productivity. Why? Because safety and sound management are essential for success. A modest investment in safety will reduce accident expenses significantly.

An Investment in Safety Pays Dividends for Life!

Increased insurance costs, workers’ compensation premiums, medical expenses, employee injury, absenteeism and downtime are all profit killers. Employer members demonstrate genuine concern for their employee’s health and safety. Hundreds of South Florida companies know that a successful safety and health program ensures good employee relations. Productivity and loyalty are by products of a healthier safer work environment.

Member Benefits

OSHA Compliance Assistance

Compliance with the OSHA and state Laws has become increasingly complex and stringent. Federal and state law requires that each company with twenty or more employees have a safety committee. OSHA also requires each company of this size to maintain a safety program.

The Safety Council is a single convenient source of up to the minute information on OSHA and state standards. We also provide comprehensive compliance packages to fulfill your regulatory needs. When you become a member, you have a great resource you can turn to, and a network of like minded companies and organizations that are your fellow members. We are not a regulatory agency, but our OSHA Alliance means you can easily get information when you need it.

Become a Member and Get Safety Courses – At a Discount

Member companies receive up to a twenty percent discount- for each employee’s tuition on safety training programs. These courses are relevant for safety professionals, supervisors and managers, but we also have many courses for other employees. These courses can be presented to address your specific company problems, or selected personnel can attend our regularly scheduled courses. Courses can be offered on your premises, or in any of our locations.

Become a Member and Get Free Streaming Safety Videos

Members can access hundreds of titles.These are easy to utilize at your office, on the jobsite, or for individual employees.

Safety News & Publications

The Safety News – a statewide newsletter is mailed to members bi-monthly. Many other professional journals are available.

Your Safety Resource

We often research topics for members, and can provide them with information quickly – and at no charge. We maintain a reference and periodical library, and often utilize computer research techniques to answer member questions.

Tax Deduction

Since the Safety Council is a not for profit organization, your membership dues may be tax deductible.

Liaison & Networking Opportunities

We often assist in solving specific problems, and can liaison with OSHA for you. Members enjoy programs on relevant topics. We offer Lunch & Learns and coffee exchanges several times a year. We can put you in touch with other members that share your same concerns. There’s unlimited opportunity to brainstorm with similar types of businesses.

Safety Awards Program

Companies and organizations of similar types and sizes are recognized annually at our Awards Program. It’s an optimum way for management and owners to demonstrate commitment to safety. Call today to find out more information 561-845-8233

Community Benefit Programs

Membership dues sustain programs that benefit our community- i.e. Behind the Wheel Teen Driving, Public Safety Awareness Programs and our Childsaver Child Safety Seat Program.

Contact the Council at 561-845-8233 , or e-mail the Council at [email protected].

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