Why Get the Maintenance of Traffic Certification?

In order to provide a safe environment in which individual workers and modes of transportation can operate in common or adjacent space, work zone traffic control is of the utmost importance. Work zone traffic control ensures that workers, as well as members of the public, can avoid injury in these circumstances. This type of work involves extensive planning, design, supervision, implementation and maintenance of various work zone traffic control devices. There are many ways to refer to this type of traffic control, including Maintenance of Traffic (M.O.T.) and Temporary Traffic Control (T.T.C.). Here at Palm Beach Safety Council, we offer M.O.T. courses, as well as Advanced/Intermediate M.O.T. (a.M.O.C / i.M.O.T) courses. 

The Maintenance of Traffic certification courses provide every individual involved in work zone traffic control with consistent education, ensuring that the Florida Department of Transportation’s (F.D.O.T.) standards are followed. Work zone traffic control schemes and devices cannot be implemented or installed in the field unless they were performed by or under the supervision of an individual who has completed the training requirements in the M.O.T. certification. 

The F.D.O.T M.O.T. training and certification process will be necessary for all individuals responsible for the planning, development, design, implementation, operation, enforcement and inspection of work zone related transportation management and temporary traffic control on streets and highways within the State Highway System right-of-way. This process does not apply to Law Enforcement Officers. All persons with duties that include the following activities are required to pass the M.O.T. certification course:

  • Direct responsibility for placement of work zone traffic control devices
  • Direct responsibility for field maintenance of work zone traffic control devices
  • Inspection of the placement or operational function of work zone traffic control devices
  • Drafting or electronic generation of work zone traffic control plans


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