What is COSS?

You can never know too much about safety. Whether you are an employer looking to improve your workplace, a newly appointed safety professional, or a veteran in the field looking to update your knowledge, COSS is the class for you. What is COSS? COSS stands for Certified Occupational Safety Specialist. It’s a certification that identifies someone in the health and safety field who coordinates and implements corporate safety plan. In some cases they conduct training seminars and provide support to safety and training managers. 

Woman Construction Contractor Carpenter on WhiteIn 2017, 299 Floridians died in workplace accidents mostly caused from transportation accidents and falls, slips, and trips. This is why every workplace can benefit from the knowledge of those with COSS training. Accidents unfortunately happen, and every company can benefit from an employee with the knowledge and understanding of how to make it safer. That is why we recommend that you join us for one of our upcoming COSS training courses. 

During the course of this training you will learn about the basic essentials of safety and health, leadership, communication, and regulatory requirements. Over the course of 40 hours you will learn from relevant case studies as well as speakers from OSHA and other government agencies. All of this will culminate in two hours of testing and certification. 

We offer this training, as well as others such as forklift training, as part of our dedication to safety in South Florida. Make sure to check out our calendar for upcoming training dates, and if you have any questions, or are looking for the next available dates, contact the Safety Council at 561-845-8233 today.

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