In a fast-paced work environment, safety is more important than ever. Safe workplaces create a more productive workplace that keeps employee turnover rate down and staff satisfaction high. 

Getting certified in various safety programs, such as Maintenance of Traffic, Principles of Safety Management, Forklift Training, First Aid / CPR, and Certified Occupational Safety Specialist, can give your business insurance discounts, training benefits, positive legal impacts, and more. 

national work zone awareness week logoThis spring National Work Zone Awareness Week takes place April 20-24th, and encourages safe driving through work zones. It is essential to promote worker and motorist safety year round and spread the message that we are all responsible for keeping workers safe.

During this global shift in our daily lives, it’s important to remember that workplace safety now includes maintaining a safe social distance of at least six feet, as recommended by the CDC. Some workplaces have taken the extra precaution of giving their workforce gloves on the job if they do not wear them regularly in their tasks.

Florida has joined the majority of other states who have issued a stay-at-home order, leaving only workers deemed essential to be given the permission to head into work regularly. To those essential workers, Safety Council of Palm Beach County, Inc. thanks you. You are keeping our community running at a time when it seems like the world has come to a halt. 

You can find the next workplace safety course class date by calling (561) 845-8233.

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